2018 Open House SALE: Better Than Black Friday

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September 28, 2018
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February 15, 2019

On November 2 and 3, Clear Water Bidets is having Open House at our Sequim Showroom with Better Than Black Friday Deals!

Come by and see us at 151 Ruth’s Place, #4 in Sequim from 10am to 3:30 Friday and Saturday Nov 2 and 3.  Pick up your free gift just for stopping by (valued at $14.95)!


See product details at www.clearwaterbidets.com And Check Out These DEALS:


BRAND NEW Blooming Silver Edition – One of our finest models lists for $699.  Has extra large remote control, sittable lid and a FIVE YEAR WARRANTY!  

Now on sale two days only for $250 OFF!!!    We will not go this low again any time in the next 12 months.  

BRAND NEW Novita-Kohler BDN450 – Novita’s newest model.  List is $649. New product introductory special only $475!!  We will NEVER sell this model for this price again so take advantage now!

BRAND NEW Brondell Fresh Spa hand held sprayer – Listed at $64.95, the special BTBF pricing will be $44.95



All our open box specials are fully warranteed and are not used.  They are demo units and returns which were never installed. Check out these BTBF specials:

Alpha A1 hand held sprayer – list $99, sale $70

Bio Bidet

850 (Round) – list $499, sale $350

2000 (Elongated)  – list $599, sale $500

1000 (Round) – list $499, sale $400

Blooming (one of our nicest!)

NB-1063 Round or Elongated with remote – list $599, sale$400!!


900 Round – list $499, sale $350

S1000 Round or Elongated in white – list $599, sale $440

S1000 Elongated in “biscuit” (beige) – list $699, sale $425!! (missing original box)

S1400 Elongated – list $649, sale $470

GoSpa hand held travel bidet – list $14.95, sale price = FREE for all Open House visitors Nov. 2 and 3!

Clean Sense (another top seller at Clear Water Bidets)

1500R (with remote) Round and Elongated models – list $359, sale only $290!!!

1500 (with side panel control, no remote) – list $339, sale $270

Galaxy 5000 Elongated – list $375, sale $305

GoBidet 2003C non-electric bidet attachment (not a seat) – list $149, sale price $129

Infinity XLC-3000 Round and Elongated – list $399, sale $325