Do you have questions about bidet toilet seats? We have the answers!

At Clear Water Bidets, we take the time to make sure our customers know everything they need to know. The following FAQs are here to help you find the right product to fit your needs. If you don't see your question here, please send us a message and we'll get right back to you. We're continuously updating our frequent asked questions, so please check back! Topics are organized alphabetically under the following headings.

Answers to Common Questions About Bidet Seats

1What is a bidet?
Bidet (pronounced “bih-day”) was introduced in Europe in the late 17th century. The word is french and they were used to clean the genitalia, perineum, inner buttocks and anus. They required the user to employ their hands in the washing process and resembled a sink, just at a lower height! The modern, hands-free, electronic bidet was introduced in the 1980’s in Japan and is now in millions of homes in Japan, Korea and China, as well as South America, the Middle East and parts of Europe. Bidets are rapidly gaining popularity in the United States because once American’s get over their squeamishness with cleaning “down there” they will find that washing not only feels better then smearing, oops we mean wiping, it’s more hygienic and saves money. Read more in this HGTV article.
2How Does a Bidet Seat Work?
Today’s technologically advanced electronic bidets provide a powerful stream of warm water right where it’s needed. They are fully adjustable for your comfort. From the water temperature to the air dryer temperature to the seat temperature, it’s just a push of a button to make a change. The water pressure is adjustable and the nozzle positioning is also adjustable. The bidet seat does all the work, the user only has to press a button on the side control panel or the wireless remote control and wiggle around slightly. We even have a unit that will lift and close the lid automatically (click here) so you never have to touch it! (The ladies with men in their household love this one!) And YES they do work. They work so well that you may be embarrassed to say how much you like using it and miss it when you’re away. We’re not kidding, we hear this from everyone that’s tried one more than once. The design of the nozzle and the sprayer has been refined over the past 20 years so it cleans the “target” area quickly and efficiently. The “debris” falls into the toilet with the water. It does not splash or splatter contrary to what you may think. These seats are used by millions everyday because they work.
3Why should I buy from Clear Water Bidets?

We are unique in the bidet toilet seat industry. We carry a full inventory in house (we have a full service retail store as well as online) AND we service what we sell. You will only have to pick up the phone once to get any question, problem or request satisfied. Because we service most of the bidets on the market today, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. If we don’t carry it, you can be sure there’s a good reason.

We specialize in bidet toilet seats. Bidet items are all we sell and we have an inventory of thousands of seats on our shelves. (Check out our Facebook page for photos of our stock Clear Water Bidets Facebook page). We will ship your order the same day, up to 5 pm Eastern, 2 pm Pacific! Our customer service is dedicated to fitting you with the right model for your needs, your toilet and your budget. We draw on over 25 years of bidet toilet seat experience and if we can’t answer your question (it may take some digging), it can’t be answered.

We can offer service and parts for all the seats we sell and we’ll bend over backwards to help you if you need it. Did we mention free shipping, guaranteed new units, 30 day trial periods, extended warranties and price matching guaranteed? Well, we’ll do that also.

We have installed over 80 bidet seats and can probably answer any question you or your installer may have. PLUS we answer our phone from 7 am to 8 pm, INCLUDING weekends. We do this so you’re not stuck with a question, one night after work trying to install your bidet. You want an answer now and so do we.

4I’ve seen what appear to be the same models cheaper on the Internet. Is there a difference?

We’ve seen many companies come and go in this business. One of the first signs of decline is when they lower their pricing to get business. The best companies charge a fair price, stand behind what they sell, offer pre and post-sale support and some offer service as well. They are easy to get a hold of and follow through with their promises. The “fly-by-night” low price companies cannot offer this level of service and are hoping you’ll buy on price alone. Then when you have a question a year later…they’re nowhere to be found.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” – Benjamin Franklin

5Do you offer a trial period on your seats?
Yes we do! We realize that the idea of washing with water may be new to many folks and they be a little skeptical or leery at first. We have a 98% acceptance level on our products so we’re pretty sure you’re going to love it, once you try it. Give us a call at 888-670-9389 or email us at for details.
6I can’t decide what seat to get, can you help?
Absolutely! We’ll give you our best recommendation to fit your needs and budget. You’ll come away a more knowledgeable consumer and when you new bidet seat arrives, you’ll be a happy customer! Call us at 888-670-9389.
7Should I get a remote control model?
If you’re a caregiver, the remote control allows you to conveniently “take care of business” with your client from a distance without having to get right down “into their business” to press buttons on the side panel. If you have limited mobility and twisting is uncomfortable…a remote model is for you. If you just like to play with cool gadgets…the remote is for you. If you have trouble seeing or the right side of your toilet is dimly lit…the remote is for you.
8What about the Night Light?
Most of us here at Clear Water Bidets like the night light feature a lot! Not having to blind ourselves in the middle of the night by turning on the overhead light is a big plus. We find it easier to stay in that “semi-awake/semi-asleep” mode and get back to sleep quicker thanks to the gentle light from the bidet seat. The following models come with built-in lights: Blooming, Galaxy , Alpha, TOTO and the Novita BHG90/93 (which has two, uniquely placed lights!). The night light feature can be toggled on or off with the press of a button.
9I often sit on my toilet lid. What models have a “sit-able” lid?
The Galaxy line and the Brondell Swash 1000 have a durable, polypro, contoured lid that supports sitting on. The other bidets have straight/flat lid and will not support sitting on for long. By special order, we can install a “sit-able” lid on the Blooming models. Please call for availability.
10Do you have a comparison chart of all the models you sell?
Yes we do. It’s not live on our site at this time because we’re adding new models. So please click here to leave us a message and we’ll email it to you in a PDF file.
1Do I need a round seat or elongated seat?

Measure from the seat mounting bolts to the outside front edge of your toilet: Round Seat is about 16.5″ & an Elongated Seat is around 18.5″

Click Here for Measurement Diagram

2How easy are these to install? Do I need a plumber or electrician?

They are easily installed by homeowners in under 30 minutes. They plug into a standard 3-pronged 120VAC outlet. They come with a “T” adapter to connect to the water supply going into your toilet. The tools required are a crescent wrench or large pliers such as channel locks, a standard (flat blade) screwdriver and a towel or small bucket. Following is an excellent video by one of our top notch manufacturers, Brondell.

Click to See Installation Video

3Does it matter if I have a two-piece or one-piece toilet?
Two-piece toilets are the traditional toilet, with a separate bowl and tank joined together at installation. One-piece toilets come with the bowl and tank molded together in one piece. All of our models fit two-piece toilets and most one-piece toilets. If you have a one-piece toilet with a curved back, please contact us with your make and model number. Some one-piece toilets do not allow a good fit and may have to be replaced if you wish to use a bidet seat. The Blooming model is the only seat known to fit the Kohler San Raphael toilet.
4Do I need to have hot water plumbed into the toilet area?
No. Our electric seats, which are all but the BioBidet and GoBidet, take the existing cold water and heat it internally!
5Can I use an extension cord to power my seat?
Yes, but we recommend no less than 14 gauge wire in a dedicated extension cord. Your electrical outlet should be protected by a GFI circuit.
6I can’t get my seat to “snap” into place on the mounting bracket, what’s wrong?
The mounting bracket is likely too close to the tank. Loosen the bolts holding the bracket to the toilet body and move it forward slightly. Re-tighten the bolts and try attaching your seat again.
7When I unpacked my unit and removed the black cap, water dripped out. Does this mean it was used and resold as new?
Fortunately no. All units sold by Clear Water Bidets are tested at the factory prior to shipping. It is normal for there to be a few drops of water leftover from this testing.
1What are some of the conditions that can be helped by using a bidet seat?

The soothing, gentle washing of pure water is very beneficial to those suffering from or recovering from the following:

  • Hemorrhoids, anal fissures, anal abscess/fistulas, stomas, fecal or urinary incontinence, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Colon and rectal surgery, brach therapy, colostomy, ileostomy, urostomy, crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, after removal of ileoanal pouch following restorative proctocolectomy, displasia of the anal transition zone, diverticular disease, pilonidal disease
  • Diarrhea, constipation, inflammation, infections, rashes, burning or itching (pruritus ani) of the vagina or rectum
  • During pregnancy, after childbirth, during menstruation
  • In cases of obesity preventing adequate reach
  • Illness and disease that limit the use of hands, including arthritis, ALS, palsies, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s
  • Missing or disabled limbs, hands or fingers
  • Surgeries to the hand or arm, broken limbs or surgeries to the back, hip or other areas that make flexing of the body difficult
2I suffer from Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), will the bidet seat help me?
Most definitely. Washing with gentle warm water is the hygienic way to minimize the transference of bacteria and contamination of the urethra.
3Due to my medical conditions, I rely on my seat every day. How can I ensure it’s continued operation?
While our seats are made to the highest standard and triple checked for quality at the factory, they are mechanical and electrical devices. They will generally give 5+ years of reliable service but do occasionally need repair. We have heard of many customers that buy a spare unit in case they need to get their prized seat serviced.
4Are bidets safe for pregnant women to use?
External washing of the vaginal area and rectum is always a good idea! Here is an article on bidet use during pregnancy.
1My Bidet Remote isn’t working.
We’ve found the Number One cause of intermittent operation is weak batteries. The Number Two cause is that the signal is not getting to the receiver on the bidet. All of the bidet seat remotes work best when pointed towards the ceiling. The signal bounces off the ceiling and back down to the unit. You can use a cell phone camera to easily see if your remote is transmitting a signal. If you find it’s not transmitting and the batteries are good…time to give us a call. 1-888-670-9389
2My Clean Sense dib-1500 (or dib-1500R) bidet is dripping water into the bowl.

Most likely, the bidet seat has come off the mounting bracket slightly. This model bidet has a release button on the right side (near the electrical cord). When pushed in (towards the center of the seat), it will cause the water in the heating system to drain into the toilet bowl. Pushing this button also allows the unit to be easily removed from the toilet while keeping the mounting bracket securely bolted to the toilet. If the seat has worked its way forward, the release button might be pushing on the drain valve, causing water to run into the bowl continually.

To check this, while the water is dripping (running) into the toilet, grab the seat with both hands (one on each side) and depress the release button with your right hand. Pull the seat towards you about 6 inches, enough to fully disengage it from the mounting bracket. Let go of the release button and see if the water stops running. If it does, you’ve found your problem. Remount the bidet seat, making sure it “clicks” securely into place.

If removing it from the mount does not stop the water running, the water solenoid is likely clogged and not closing fully. When the solenoid is not fully closed, water will continually run because it is not getting the “full” signal from the heater. Time to replace this solenoid. You can order the part on our website under “bidet parts and accessories”.

3What is the Hybrid Heating System and how does it differ from instant and tank systems?
Hybrid uses a small tank that will give between 80 and 100 seconds of wash time with warm water. Instant heating gives unlimited warm water while the tank systems give about 30-40 seconds of warm water. The Hybrid System is a cross between instant and tank systems.
4How many amps do these units draw?
11 amps is peak draw on the units we carry. This only occurs during the water heating cycle and is typically under 10 amps.
5Why do my lights flicker in the bathroom when I use the bidet seat?
It is possible the outlet you have it plugged into is on the same circuit as your lighting. This will not cause any damage and most users don’t notice it after a week or two. To eliminate this from happening, please have a certified electrician run a separate 15+ AMP circuit to your toilet location and install a GFCI outlet.
6My remote control as stopped working (or it only works when close to the receiver on the bidet seat).
Seven out of ten times the cause is weak batteries. We recommend using Duracell or Energizer batteries with your new bidet seat. Another possible cause is the lighting in your toilet room. Recently we’ve seen Compact Florescent Lighting Bulbs (CFLs) coming from overseas that emit a frequency that interferes with the Bidet Seat remote control. Try using your remote with the lights off to see if this helps. Another scenario we’ve seen is in toilet rooms with many reflective surfaces (wall to wall mirrors, shiny tile or stone surfaces, etc.). The IR signal from the remote is being bounced around and failing to find the receiver on the bidet seat. In extreme cases, we recommend a side panel control model.
7How long does it take to get a seat serviced?
Shipping time across the country can be a week depending upon how you ship it to us. We usually turn around repairs in 3 days and ship back to you. In total, you will probably be without your seat for 2 weeks. We are happy to use expedited shipping and only charge you the difference from ground shipping if you like.
8Is there a way to check if my remote is emitting a signal?
Yes! Take your smartphone camera (in the camera mode) and point it at the end of the remote. This end typically has a band of dark plastic. Now press any button on your remote. You should see a momentary flash of blue light on your camera display. It happens quickly, so try it several times. If you see this blue light, your remote is sending out a signal.