Improve your hygiene with a bidet toilet seat

Measure your Clean Sense bidet seat
Round Clean Sense Bidet Seat Dimensions?
January 3, 2017
Reduce impact on environment with a bidet toilet seat
September 28, 2018
How do they work?

Looking to improve your hygiene? In about 30 minutes, they replace your existing toilet seat, hook to your toilet’s water supply and plug in. They have two nozzles in a retractable wand. The wand stays protected in the unit until you’re ready to wash. Then it extends down and sprays a directed stream of water to clean you. There are separate, self-cleaning, nozzles for the rear and front (feminine) cleansing. Nothing touches your skin expect clean, clear, refreshing water. When you’ve finishing washing, dry off with the built-in dryer, use a small about of TP or a dedicated towel. It’s like stepping out of the shower each time you use the toilet. It’s a clean you have to experience to believe.

Cleaner kids and saving money

Younger children often have difficulty cleaning properly and often use too much toilet paper clogging toilets and causing costly plumbing bills. Kids love the convenience and you’ll love the clean. Reducing the amount of toilet paper and wipes not only saves you money but it’s easier on the plumbing and septic systems. Because of that, they’re great for boats, RVs, cabins and any home on a septic system.

Pregnancy and Post-Partum

Wiping can be difficult in the months leading up to your delivery. Natural childbirth puts tremendous strain on the body, making “down there” very tender following delivery. This discomfort is even worse when complicated by an episiotomy or tearing. Keeping good hygiene is very important to rapid healing and preventing infection. Even with a Caesarian birth, the ability to comfortably toilet is impacted.

Quick, Clean and Convenient

Bidet seats are loved by men and women, young and old across America. There is no “typical” user of bidet toilet seats because everyone can appreciate the complete clean you experience with just the touch of a button. Beyond the everyday usage, you will be so thankful you have a bidet seat for those times we all experience with hemorrhoids, diarrhea or constipation. Join the millions of Americans that have started a healthier habit today.