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  • Anthony M.
    Just a sincere Thank you for your great customer service effort and timely delivery of my purchase. Installed the product with ease. I have already referred your company to friends and family.
    Anthony M.
    Miami, FL
  • Jason S.
    Well, you provided excellent support far and beyond expectations! And if you didn't send the other type of T, I would have NEVER found one. I'd probably have to find a machinist to make it work. That T doesn't exist in searches and a plumber supposedly with 30 years experience said it doesn't exist.
    Jason S.
    San Francisco, CA
  • Justin C
    Thanks again and I know I made the right choice with purchasing with your company. When I was selecting a vendor for this bidet, it was
    Justin C
    Santa Fe, NM
  • Kyle L.
    Thanks again for your help today, I appreciate it.  Service is a vanishing component of today’s business and the fact you provide personal service is a tribute to you and your company.
    Kyle L.
    Oklahoma City, OK
  • Michael F.
    I brag about this thing whenever I can! Let's see how long it takes my family to realize I installed a second one in my finished basement. (more…)
    Michael F.
    Strongsville, OH
  • Natalie B
    Thank you for your quick response and great service overall! I already got a notice about shipment. I've heard about your company from my friend,


    Natalie B
    Santa Clarita, CA
  • Janet M.
    I'm so impressed with my Clear Water experience thus far starting with the user friendly web site, the online live chat, personal service on the phone (more…)
    Janet M.
    New Plymouth, ID
  • Joanne J.
    Wish I had bought one years ago. So much money saved on toilet paper alone!
    Joanne J.
    Port Angeles, WA
  • Colin
    I have been using this product for years before it was available from this excellent company. Your group has made cleanliness much easier. (more…)
    Phoenix, AZ
  • Byron Tustin
    Why did we wait so long?! I first encountered a home bidet while in Japan in 2000 and have wanted one ever since. It installed easily (more…)
    Byron Tustin
    New York, NY
  • Renate M.
    I appreciate the convenience and also the fact that not everyone needs to use the bidet feature if they don't want to. (more…)
    Renate M.
    Sequim, WA
  • Arlene Simon
    GoBidet was a life-changer for us. We initially installed one in our main en-suite and although its just my husband and I living in our house, (more…)
    Arlene Simon
    Miami, FL
  • Mary Ellen & Dwight B.
    I also wanted to mention what a great experience it was to purchase our bidet from you. Sounds odd, doesn't it! But you were so matter of fact (more…)
    Mary Ellen & Dwight B.
    Port Angeles, WA
  • Francis G.
    I have used several different bidet seats in the past and by far this one was the best. Excellent water pressure with a boost feature, (more…)
    Francis G.
    Los Angeles, CA
  • Linda C.
    We have used a GoBidet for years. I just love to be clean. My elderly dad has one because he needs the help. We wanted to add (more…)
    Linda C.
    Bloomfield, IN
  • Rich W.
    Thank you for all the info. So far I may say that you have been excellent in keeping us updated - not many internet businesses do so!
    Rich W.
    Lompoc, CA
  • Marjorie H.
    This has been a life-changer for my husband and me. He is 90 years old and doesn’t have the arm strength to properly wipe. (more…)
    Marjorie H.
    Pomona, CA
  • Sara W.
    Couldn’t (wouldn’t) live without one! We returned from Japan and found Clear Water on the internet. Robert was so helpful in getting us the right bidet for us. Thank you!
    Sara W.
    Seattle, WA
  • Carol & Jim A.
    We love it! We're getting more exercise too, electing to use the upstairs bathroom where the bidet is located instead of the downstairs bathroom, (more…)
    Carol & Jim A.
    Seattle, WA
  • Susan & Don M.
    Our bidet is a wonderful addition to our home. I love it. My husband loves it. We use a fraction of the tissue we used to buy. (more…)
    Susan & Don M.
    Sequim, WA

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