How to Determine your Toilet Seat Size
June 14, 2019
World Continence Week
June 21, 2019

Father’s Day is this weekend!

The majority of us have a father or father figure in our lives. They give us guidance, teach us all they know (whether we like it or not) and in one way or another contribute to our growth as individuals. As we all age, day to day life can change considerably. Men are infamously stubborn when it comes to how they will care for themselves regarding what they will and won’t do. This can make the transition to needing more assistance with age very hard. Especially in North America where it is seemingly taboo to discuss subjects of this nature.

The thought of needing help to use the restroom is appalling for most all of us but especially so for all the strong stoic masculine people in our lives. A bidet seat can give him the independence that he craves while setting everyone at ease. Click here for more information on Why Bidets.  For those fathers who have not reached that point, general cleanliness and hygiene is improved allowing them to possibly be less grumpy due to a higher level of comfort. Men’s Journal agrees and recently put out an article; America: It’s Time to Embrace the Bidet.

What better way to tell your father you love him than with the gift of a bidet seat. We have our Blooming Silver Edition on sale for $479! It is the only seat on the market today with a 5-year warranty and all the latest features! You will find that the leading brands have a 1-3-year warranty. With bidet seats, you are more likely to have issues as time passes not right out of the box.

For all the “Crap” your dad helps you with, help him with his.