Learn about bidet toilet seats for disabilities

Reduce impact on environment with a bidet toilet seat
September 28, 2018
Bidet toilet seat can help with elder care
September 28, 2018

A disability can come in many forms. Whether you are permanently disabled, temporarily disabled or just slowing down due to age, most of us will experience a time when the simple act of using the toilet is difficult, painful or impossible to do alone.

Soldiers to Soccer Moms

There are times when proper cleaning after toileting is a challenge for everyone. But if you’re a disabled veteran, crippled by arthritis, slowed by stoke or have trouble bending and twisting due to a bad back, bidet seats can help you tremendously.

Illnesses and Ailments
  • MS / ALS / Parkinson’s
  • IBS / IBD / Crohn’s
  • Alzheimer’s / Dementia
  • Arthritis / Bursitis
  • Stroke
  • UTIs / Bladder issues
  • Colo-rectal cancer
  • Fissures / Hemorrhoids
  • Hand/arm/shoulder Surgeries
  • and many more…
Life Changing

We’ve heard this many times about bidet seats. The fact is, they really are. If you suffer from any of the conditions above, a toilet seat bidet will make this area of your life easier and better. Thousands of people every month are discovering the relief a quality toilet seat bidet can provide. Join the 97% of people that have a bidet seat and say they wouldn’t be without one ever again.

Do they work for everyone?

No. While 97% of owners love them, not every situation is perfect. We understand that and are happy to work with you to ensure you get the best seat for your needs. You’re not going to be stuck with something that doesn’t work for you when you buy from us.