Reduce impact on environment with a bidet toilet seat

Improve your hygiene with a bidet toilet seat
September 28, 2018
Learn about bidet toilet seats for disabilities
September 28, 2018

27,000 trees are cut down worldwide daily to make toilet paper, according to a National Geographic article by David Braun. This uses 850,000 gallons of water and 454 tons of chlorine for bleaching, per day! bidets benefit the environmentAlong with the consumption of these natural resources, more and more people are becoming sensitive to the perfumes, chemicals, paper dust that comes along with modern, fluffy-soft toilet paper.

A Wet Wipe Wasteland

Did you know those wipes that say they’re flushable are causing millions of dollars in “wipe-related equipment problems” across the country? NYC has spent $18 million dollars in the last 5 years. In your home, the can accumulate in your pipes and result in a softball sized wad translating into costly plumbing repairs, overflowing septic systems and backed up toilets.

The answer is simple

The answer to these problems is simple: cut back on toilet paper usage, period. Use of a toilet seat bidet typically reduces toilet paper consumption by 75%. Many people are able to completely eliminate toilet paper from their shopping lists by utilizing the built-in dryers on most bidet toilet seats or using a dedicated drying towel.

Life Changing

We’ve heard this many times about bidet seats. The fact is, they really are. If you suffer from any of the conditions above, a toilet seat bidet will make this area of your life easier and better. Thousands of people every month are discovering the relief a quality toilet seat bidet can provide. Join the 97% of people that have a bidet seat and say they wouldn’t be without one ever again.

But do they really work?

For most people the answer is an unqualified YES. We’ve done our own quality control tests with excellent results. In fact, we conduct monthly QC checks to make sure things are still squeaky clean. Some of our more overweight users have a more difficult time getting completely clean, but we are usually able to find a seat with the right spray pattern to help them as well. Call us for a specific recommendation, we’ll be glad to help.