Round Clean Sense Bidet Seat Dimensions?

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June 1, 2015
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September 28, 2018
What are the exact dimensions of the round Clean Sense bidet seat?

We were recently asked about the exact dimensions of the bidet seat on a Clean Sense bidet.  The seat is the same for the Clean Sense dib-1500 and dib-1500R, as well as the Infinity and Nova bidets.  This seat is narrower at the front than some other round bidet seats and some customers have complained that they can see their porcelain bowl when they lift the lid.  This seat was designed to have as large of an opening as possible, which is why it is narrower up front.

How to adjust your bidet seat so it fits just right

It’s understandable that some customers want to know how it will look on their toilet so we measured a Round seat and have illustrated it here.  Keep in mind, with all bidet toilet seats, they are adjustable to the front and rear when you’re installing them.  The idea is to slide the seat forward in the mount until it “looks” good on your toilet when looking at it from the front.  By “looking good”, we mean that the lines of the toilet flow up and over the bidet seat.  The bidet seat is not sticking too far forward nor too far back.  It’s a subjective evaluation and however you have yours, it will most likely work just fine.

Here’s our illustration of the Clean Sense Round Seat with dimensions:

Clean Sense dib-1500 and dib-1500R Round seat dimensions.

More information:

For more information, please read our blog on How to Determine your Toilet Seat size.

Here’s a link to the Clean Sense Round bidet toilet seat.

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