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Aquaus 360 Hand Held Bidet Sprayer


The world’s first hand held bidet sprayer with thumb controls on both sides of the sprayer for ease of use regardless of position or which hand you use.  The dual thumb controls make the sprayer comfortable to hold for rinsing up or down.

The sprayer is made of durable, high tension strength polymer material and uses a high quality, brass and ceramic valve to keep the water under control.  The swivel thumb control provides a positive water shut off when you’re done using it.  The flexible, high-pressure, stainless steel hose is 54 inches long with solid brass hose nuts and double crimps on both ends.  Inner braided polymer hose has a burst pressure of 275 PSI.  The StayFlex™ hose stays totally flexible during use.

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Aquaus 360 bidet toilet sprayer

The Aquaus 360 is the most revolutionary hand held bidet sprayer on the market today. The reason is simple, it was specially designed not to leak. Most hand held sprayers on the market today are simply kitchen sink sprayers. All of the most important internal (wetted) components of these metal kitchen sink sprayers are made of plastic with rubber seals holding back the water pressure with a small spring pushing a rubber seal closed. The Aquaus 360 is the only sprayer to come with dual thumb controls. To adjust the water pressure you simply push the valve open or closed with your thumb. It can be used with either hand just as effectively. The Aquaus 360 is a high quality, high pressure, heavy duty, impact resistant, corrosion resistant and is manufactured with medical grade ABS polymers. Oh and it’s made in the USA.

The Aquaus 360 system was designed as a hand held bidet utilizing a Brass Valve Core with Ceramic Disk Seals, which are impervious to water particles, rust or dirt. Unlike the metal sprayers that have a metal spring pushing a rubber seal closed, which were not designed to be pressurized or left under continuous pressure.  prayers utilizing a spring to push a rubber seal closed make them susceptible to leaking from particles, rust and sediment in the water getting stuck between the rubber seals.

Aquaus 360 bidet toilet sprayerMetal sprayers may be appealing to the eye and feel hefty in the hand, but in reality those are merely distractions from the engineering importance of the internal components.

The Aquaus 360 by RinseWorks is the only bidet sprayer that is Made in the USA and has the NSF certifications to be legally installed on public water supplies. Therefore this sprayer is one of the favorites of nursing homes, public housing and hospitals that do not want a metal sprayer with spring loaded rubber seals. Engineers and contractors that recognize the workmanship of the Aquaus agree and prefer ABS materials.

The spray head is 3.5 to 4 inches from the thumb operated pressure control valve and you can slide your hand down the sprayer so the spray head is 5 to 6 inches from your hand. This allows you to easily insert the long, narrow spray head under your bottom areas without getting your hand wet.  But if you desire an even longer sprayer, order Aquaus 360 with the 5 inch extension.

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The Aquaus 360 comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty. Please call us first if you have any concerns. If we can’t fix it, we’ll get you an RMA and instructions on where to send your unit back for repair or exchange.

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