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GoBidet 2003C Hot Water Kit

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Add warm water to your GoBidet 2003C with this easy to install Hot Water Kit.  Part number GB-2003C-HIK

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Easily add warm water washing capabilities to your GoBidet 2003C with this Hot Water Installation Kit!

Comes with everything you need to add warm water: 60″ braided steel hose; T-Adapter, Chrome-plated brass nipple and plumbers tape.  The GoBidet 2003C comes from the factory with a plug screwed into the Hot Water port in the body of the GoBidet.  After removing this plug, you will simply screw in the  3/8″ chrome nipple that comes with this kit.  Under your sink, or wherever you’re tapping into hot water, you’ll use the kit’s 3/8″ t-valve to provide a connection for the braided steel hose.  If you need a longer hose, you can purchase another hose from us (along with another nipple to connect the two hoses together) or you can try your local hardware store.  We’ve made the connections on this GoBidet model standard 3/8″ compression so you can get as creative as you like!

Consider adding a LumaWarm Heated Seat to round out your personal hygiene system.  You’ll appreciate the gentle nightlight feature and the toasty warm, welcoming seat on those cold winter nights.

Call us if you need additional parts or kits.  

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Additional Information

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