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Bidet Seat Supply Hose w/ Chrome 90° Elbow

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This OEM water supply hose has a unique 90°, chrome angled end that can improve the look of your bidet seat by angling the hose downwards rather than to the side as most bidets use.  Provide a professional, finished look to your bidet installation.  This hose can be used with all bidets sold on our site and most sold in the USA today.  It has female, 1/2 inch connectors on each end and is 100% compatible with bidet seat water filters and all t-valves with a 1/2 inch male nipple.  This hose is 22″ long.

NOTE:  This hose is included with the following models:

  • Novita BH/BG and BN series (all)
  • Galaxy (all)
  • Blooming (all)
  • Alpha JX (all)
  • Swash 1200
  • Swash 1400

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