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Bidet Toilet Seat 7/8″ T-Valve Connector

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The T-Valve for a bidet toilet seat connects to the existing water line that supplies the water to your bidet toilet seat. This T-valve connects to the underside of a 7/8″ toilet tank male connection.

They are very easy to install and this is all you need to do:

1.     Shut off the water valve to the toilet at the wall connection.

2.     Flush the toilet and hold the lever to drain the tank completely.

3.     Check to make sure water is completely off and not running into the flush valve in the toilet tank. (If water is running into the tank, repeat the first two steps again.)

4.     Loosen and remove the female end of the water hose leading into the underside of the toilet tank.

5.     Make sure that all connections have the proper gaskets.

6.     Install the female end of the 7/8″ T-connector to the male connection on the underside of the toilet tank and turn until sung and in most cases you can hand tighten these. (Make sure that the flush valve inside of the toilet tank does not turn as you tighten, you may need to hold the flush valve while tightening the T-Valve), if necessary use a wrench to complete the job.

7.     Reconnect the female end of the water line to the bottom side male T-Valve, making sure you have a good sung fit.

8.     Connect the 1/2″ female water line for the bidet toilet seat to the 1/2″ male T-valve end and then connect the other end of the female 1/2″ water line to the ½” male connection on the side of the bidet toilet seat, making sure that all connections are tight but not over tightened.

9.     Finally make sure all connections are dry, now slowly turn the water valve on and look for leaks, use some toilet paper to check for water. If you do have a leak, turn off the water and flush the toilet to relieve the water pressure again. Then loosen the leaking connection to make sure the gasket is in place and there is no debris obstructing the gasket.

Specifications for this bidet toilet seat 7/8″ T-Valve:

  • One female 7/8″ connection and one gasket
  • One male 7/8″ connection
  • One male 1/2″ connection
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Additional Information

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