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Infinity XLC-3000 Bidet Seat


The Infinity XLC-3000 is a classy twist on the ordinary bidet toilet seat. This model features twin, moving nozzles and an exceptional array of features to make this a truly “do it all” bidet. The state-of-the-art true ceramic heating element will give you an endless supply of warm water to thoroughly wash you with. The push button remote control allows you complete control over the water pressure, temperature and nozzle position. Treating sensitive skin after colorectal surgery, hemorrhoids or other bothersome ailments? The onboard hot/cold Sitz bath feature will speed your recovery and you’ll be cleaner and fresher while doing it.

Extended Warranty


Infinity XLC-3000 Bidet Toilet Seat

A classy favorite, the Infinity XLC-3000 is a state-of-the-art personal hygiene system. Featuring a true ceramic instant heating system for precise temperature control and unlimited warm water with unsurpassed energy efficiency. Newly redesigned and improved twin moving nozzles with pulse, bubble & massage options. The exclusive hot/cold water cycling & sitz-bath features provide comfort and aid in healing making this the Number One choice for those recovering from colorectal surgery, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, childbirth, UTIs and many other conditions.  With 25 separate nozzle positions, you can adjust the Infinity to well…almost any washing need.

Easy to install, typically taking only 20 minutes using an adjustable wrench and screwdriver, this bidet will turn your existing toilet into a combination bidet and toilet for the ultimate in convenience, comfortable and clean.  This bidet seat has a Three Year manufacturer’s warranty and the best part of that is, we do all the warranty work in house!  You do not have to worry about contacting a big corporation, filling out forms, showing proof of purchase and navigating an endless loop of voicemail extensions.  Just give us a call and a live person will take care of everything, the first time.

The versatility of the Infinity XLC-3000 is one of the reasons it is so popular.  The ability to alternate hot and cold washing automatically or experience a pulse massage wash with the touch of a button, makes this bidet seat unique.  Speaking of buttons, the remote control for the Infinity XLC-3000 is very easy to hold and even easier to use.  Slightly larger than a deck of playing cards, the remote can be used in the mounted holder or taken out and held in your hands.

Everything you’ll need for a flawless installation, except the electricity, comes with this bidet.  We stock what we sell, so your bidet will be shipped out to you almost as soon as we receive your order.

Infinity XLC-3000 Bidet Toilet Seat is your ticket to comfort, cleanliness and convenience.


Product Features

  • Easy to hold and easy to see LCD Remote control
  • Fits 2-piece toilets, call us for 1-piece toilet fitment
  • Intelligent self-diagnosis continually monitors its operation
  • Smart energy saver mode
  • Built in Warm Air Dryer
  • Advanced Hybrid Water Heating System
  • No additional plumbing needed
  • Heated seat with 4 settings
  • Soft-closing (anti-slam) seat & lid
  • Occupied seat sensor control prevents unintended use
  • Child mode lowers settings automatically
  • Separate Chromed Plastic Nozzles for Rear and Front wash
  • Aerated Wash Feature for Comfort and Efficient Washing
  • Oscillating Nozzle Movement
  • Pulse Wash Mode
  • Enema Wash Setting
  • Adjustable Water Pressure & Temperature Settings
  • 25 Nozzle Positions for Personalized Cleaning
  • Available in Round or Elongated Seat Sizes
  • Comes in White only
  • 120 VAC electricity required (equipped with a 3.5 foot long cord on the right side, as facing)
  • Easy to install with only a wrench or pliers
  • Quick-release feature for easy cleaning
  • One year warranty
  • Available in 220V with 2 prong Euro Plug (see separate listing)
Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 23 × 21 × 8 in




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