Clear Water Bidets, Infinity XLC-2000 Bidet Seat top view
Infinity XLC-2000 Bidet Seat
November 21, 2016
Clear Water Bidets, Infinity XLC-3000 Bidet Seat
Infinity XLC-3000 Bidet Seat
November 21, 2016
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Water Solenoid


If your bidet seat is dripping water into the toilet bowl and you’ve already made sure it is firmly and completely locked into the mounting bracket, the water solenoid might be stuck open.  This can occur over time from hard water deposits or sand in your water lines.  You can easily replace the water solenoid yourself and save the shipping time and cost to have us repair it.   The price of the solenoid includes USPS shipping.


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Please select your bidet seat model from the drop down and we will ship the correct water solenoid  for your bidet.  The picture shown is an example, your solenoid may not look like this one.  We guarantee the solenoid we send you will be the correct one for your bidet.

We have water solenoids for the following brands and models:

  • Blooming NB-R1063 and NB-1163
  • Clean Sense dib-1500R and dib-1500
  • Infinity XLC-2000 and XLC-3000
  • Nova N1000
  • Galaxy GB-5000 and GB-4000

Price includes shipping.

Please download the instructions located under the “Product Documents” tab at the left.