How can a bidet benefit some one with IBS?

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February 15, 2019
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April 11, 2019

Can you imagine if you had to plan your day around being near a bathroom?  For those living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS, many activities such as going to the store, taking a walk or being with friends seem impossible.  Over three million doctor’s visits are reported annually in the U.S. alone for IBS. It can last several years or be a lifelong issue, experts don’t have definitive answers about why IBS is so common and there is no known cure.


What is IBS and how does it affect people who have it?

For someone who suffers from IBS there are ongoing challenges to avoid the causes of flare ups.  What triggers an IBS flare up?  Firstly, certain foods are the main trigger.  Stress and anxiety are a strong second.  Other causes are medication, hormones and lack of exercise.  Symptoms can be so extreme at times they can affect mental and emotional state, ability to focus, and even cause depression.  Doctors recommend lifestyle changes to treat symptoms and to many it feels like a balancing act between diet, stress and self-care.  One of the most common treatments for IBS is the FODMAP diet, a diet designed to avoid a specific list of triggers.  Our friend with IBS confirmed this. We recently spoke with a friend who has lived with IBS for 50+ years, she gave us good insight on her life with IBS. Her recommendation goes in line with doctors. That anyone suffering from IBS should consider an elimination diet. Here is a link to more information about the FODMAP diet from the experts at Monash University.

How can a bidet improve the lives of those who have IBS?

As a company that uses, promotes and sells bidets we’d like to offer this final suggestion – get a toilet seat bidet and your life will be changed.  We believe that a toilet seat bidet, paired with healthy lifestyle changes, will improve your quality of life.  Many people with IBS say that a toilet seat bidet is a must have item.  A bidet helps clean up after a bowel movement and replaces the need for copious toilet paper.  If you are visiting the bathroom frequently because of IBS, a toilet seat bidet can keep you fresh without the irritation caused by toilet paper and disposable wipes.  Above all, bidet use is a quick, gentle and effective way to wash up after bowel movements.  For more information on how a toilet seat bidet works, follow this link to our FAQs page where you will find “How does a bidet seat work?”

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